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A family tradition
since 1996

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A family tradition
since 1996

E: export@sabinaglass.pl

A family tradition
since 1996

E: export@sabinaglass.pl

Creators / about the company

Huta Szkła Artystycznego [Art Glassworks] Sabina is a company with family traditions. The originator and founder of Huta Szkła Artystycznego Sabina sp. z o.o. is Henryk Rysz, and he is the one who has invariably, for several decades, been designing successive designs. Having 50 years of experience in working with glass, first gained at the Krosno Glassworks and continued in the company’s own operations, allows him to shape and model glass as intended and expected. 

The passion for artistic work with glass is shared by the founder’s son, Rafał Rysz, who eventually joined his father and quickly gained recognition as an artist, while Henryk’s daughter Sabina oversees the company’s continued development. 

Pracownia sabina glass
Henryk Rysz

Henryk Rysz

Like any company with good history, this one too has its origins in passion. Henryk Rysz has been working with glass since 1972, first at Krosno Glassworks. It quickly turned out that work turned into fascination, thus since 1996 Henryk Rysz’s original designs have been manufactured his at his own place – Sabina Glassworks. In spite of having extensive work experience of more than 50 years, he is still the author of vast majority of art designs, and he continues to work actively with glass.

Rafał Rysz

It is safe to say that it was destined to be that way. Rafał Rysz was born in 1983 in Rymanów, watching his father’s fascination and work as a hand-formed glass foreman since his early childhood. Now, as an adult, he shares and continues this passion, and his works are gaining recognition in many European countries and the US. 

Rafał Rysz

Elegance encased in glass

Glass hides many secrets, and it was precisely those secrets that fascinated Henryk Rysz – the company’s founder – to the point that in 1996 a small Glass Studio was established in Rymanów, named Sabina after the founder’s daughter. 

It quickly became apparent that the products designed and manufactured by Henryk were gaining the interest and trust of customers not only in Poland, but all over the world. Thus, the decision was made to expand the plant and production. 

Today, the glass shaped in Rymanów is displayed in galleries around the world and 80 percent of the production goes to the United States, China, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, the Netherlands and England. Most importantly, all glass sculptures are handmade, so each is unique and inimitable in its own way.


They require experience and great precision. Each figure, handcrafted using high-quality materials, is distinguished by its unique colors. 

We draw inspiration from nature, which is why our figurines are so faithful to detail. Customers choose them as an addition to any type of interior, and we know they catch the eye. 

Our animals will look beautiful as an addition to any interior design. These original decorations will definitely catch the eye, and when given as a gift, delight their recipients. 

Frogs, lizards

All the designs, and we have the world’s largest glass collection of frogs and lizards, were designed by Glassworks founder, Henryk Rysz. They are most often chosen as a gift or decoration of one’s own spaces. It is a handicraft, so each piece is unique. 

These are handcrafted products, made of the highest quality sodium glass. Creating a lizard or frog requires accuracy and attention to every detail so as to bear the closest resemblance to living animals. 

The vivid, saturated colors and the captivating play of light in the glass refractions are the result of applying colors to a hot, colorless mass of glass.

Vases, platters

We make sure to offer vases and platters in a variety of shapes, sizes and color combinations. Fans of composition will find in the offer of Sabina Glassworks both classics and timeless forms, as well as artistic ones, attracting the eye with their originality. 

Vases and platters produced at Sabina Glassworks are unique decorative forms, designed and created in Rymanów by experienced artists. They are handcrafted products made of high quality 100% sodium glass. 

All the items are designed and manufactured by the Sabina Glassworks’ team and consulted with the client on an ongoing basis. We can modify the current design or create a completely new one. 


The three-dimensional play of color and light, the combination of vivid colors and spatiality turn an ordinary, utilitarian object into a small work of art. 

The glass buttons produced at Sabina Glassworks are handcrafted products made of sodium glass. Care is taken to ensure that each is distinguished by perfect transparency and subtle shine.

The buttons can have glass or granite bases. We guarantee high stability of the item, which is achieved by grinding and then carefully polishing the base. 

Buttons are often chosen as gifts or rewards for employees. We can further personalize the product by adding an engraved company logo or any text. 


Effectively designed lamp ceases to be just an element of lighting, and becomes a decoration that will add variety to any space. At Sabina Glassworks, we encourage our customers to collaborate with us in production – the design is very often their idea, which we make real. We also develop our own proposals according to expectations 

The form we give to the lamps often becomes the main element of decoration and, depending on the client’s predisposition, can decorate both classic and modern interiors. 

Thick glass processed by us decorates not only homes and apartments. The lamps also illuminate and decorate hotel spaces and banquet halls. 

Individual projects

In addition, we implement customized projects. We carried out orders for glass statuettes, the design of which took into account a specific industry and occasion. These statuettes, like all of our work, are handmade of clear or colored sodium glass.

We can also make glass sculptures that are the perfect complement to the arrangement of, for example, the garden, as well as candle holders, tables and other products according to customer’s guidelines, which will put a finishing touch to the design of a particular space. 


Unique items by Henryk Rysz

In this category you will find everything beyond the standard items produced by Sabina Glassworks. These items are an expression of the artistic passion of the company’s founder. They reflect years of experience, passion and love for glass – its unpredictability and the art of taming the material to express one’s own vision. 


Unique items by Rafał Rysz

Rafał Rysz, son of the company’s founder, continues and shares Henryk Rysz’s passion. Unique, artistic items handcrafted by him are displayed in many European countries. The items will decorate any interior, depending on your expectations and needs. 



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